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  • Balancing end of school activities with your busy life!

  • 2011-05-10
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    With the end of school drawing near I am sure all of you are having multiple schedule/life conflicts, especially if you have kids.  This doesn't have to be a stressful time if you just take a minute and be a little flexible.


    First of all I recommend a planner of some sort - whether it be one you purchased at the store, the one that comes with your phone or you can search the internet and find many different kinds there.  In order for a planner to be successful you have to tend to it a few times a day.


    One of the first things you need to put into your planner is your daily committments, the things that you must do at a certain time and can not change the day and/or time.  Some of those things for me are walking the kids to and from school, my Business Introduction Calls, Tuesday night dinner at my moms, and our team training calls.  I am fortunate to have a home business where my schedule is flexible but if you are working outside the home you must schedule your work hours now too! These are the types of activities that are done at a specific time and can not be changed.


    Next you want to grab your kids school calendar or go to the schools website so you know the activities that are going on during these last weeks/months of school.  When you have located it you are going to want to put into your planner all the activities-concerts-parties that you kids are going to be part of or want to attend.  Now, if one of these conflicts with your first scheduled activities then you have a decision to make.  For me that decision is easy, my kids and family come first.  I have never missed an activity or concert that my kids were in and I am not about to start now.  I may have to cancel or get someone to take my Business Call or invite mom to the event but I will be there!


    Next you want to calendar your outside activities - these may include grocery shopping, house cleaning, doctor appointments and for me here is where I would schedule my work day.  I have the flexibility in my schedule to be able to do all the things in sections 1 and 2 but I want to get my business hours calendared too so when an appointment comes up or team member is ready for training I know exactly when I have some time.


    So you see, you don't have to be stressed or panicked about the end of school and all the time committments you might have.  Be flexible with your schedule, get everything written down so you know what is happening and when and you will really be ready for the summer when the kids get out of school.


    I would also like to share with you what I do that allows me the flexibility I talked about earlier - visit my website www.afunbiz4u.com to learn more!

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