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  • EveVenture Provides Customer Service Based Work at Home

  • 2011-03-14
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    By Krissy Mayse

    It’s been an exciting month! We launched  a new website building on our over 50 years combined leadership!  The company we open accounts for gives us the ability to get our monetary bonuses directly deposited into our bank accounts on a weekly basis. We love it and it is great to be able to offer a brand new team member the opportunity to get a paycheck the week after they get started! Even typical jobs can’t always promise that.

    In today’s economic environment – it is a blessing to offer someone the chance to have money in a matter of days. We are not the company writing the paychecks.  A really cool U.S. Chamber of Commerce company does that. Our members benefit from many advantages already. Free training, free websites, excellent contact generation sources and a free, voluntary support team.

    EveVenture, LLC is excited that our presentations let prospective team members know that they could feasibly start working on a Saturday and have a paycheck just 4 days later. How cool is that?!

    Here is how the weekly pay option works for a brand new team member:  Each week on Monday night at midnight, your previous week’s work is calculated. On Tuesday at 1pm mountain time, your weekly check amount will be posted at the Payment Center. These bonuses will be deposited directly into your bank account when you go to the Payment Center and request to have your bonuses deposited into your account.

    So, the great thing about this is that a brand new team member could get started on a Saturday, open 5 accounts over the weekend and on Monday night – their work gets calculated and ready for them to deposit into their bank. On Tuesday, a person who opened 5 accounts just a couple of days before, could have $300 in bonuses directly into their account.  Pretty cool! ($300 is just an example. The amount could be more or less depending on what that person did but you get the idea!) Imagine how that could help someone if they did THAT 4 weeks in a row? Using the $300 as an example, that’s $1200 in bonuses directly in their account before they ever even get their base paycheck sent to them.


    For further information, please visit:

    Moms: http://www.evmamas.com/info

    Homeschoolers:  http://www.evhomeschoolers.com/info

    Professionals (Men and Women): http://www.eveprofessionals.com/info

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