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People Like You:   Veronica, MI, Mom of 2

After replacing my corporate income and retiring my husband, I decided to utilize EveVenture's tools and proven training system to impact non-profit organizations in my local community to reach the newly unemployed in Michigan.

While pregnant with my first baby, I began looking online for effective ways to work from home and thankfully bumped into this team early in my search. I really wanted to have a solid backup plan in place to be sure that I would be able to stay home after the baby was born. When I told my boss how important it was for me to work from home, I negotiated an awesome telecommuting arrangement that would allow me to strike a healthy balance between mom time and work time. But sadly just weeks before my maternity leave was to start, my boss rescinded the telecommuting offer. I was shocked and frustrated to say the least but so very grateful to have my plan B in place here at EveVenture.

During my son's first few weeks at home, I became determined to buckle in and replace my income with the tools and training system in place here. In just three months of hard work, I was able to replace that full-time income I enjoyed as an HR Director. And, beyond the money, I've enjoyed the fulfillment of helping other people reach their goals. In Human Resources, I dreaded being the messenger to deliver the news of a firing or lay off. At EveVenture, I am a messenger of hope instead.

After building an online team in both North America and abroad, my attention became focused on my local community right here in Michigan. I am now utilizing our business model to raise funds for local non-profit organizations that benefit and reach out to the ever rising numbers of hard-working, diligent workers who cannot find a job. I am so grateful to EveVenture for allowing me to develop and hone my leadership skills and for allowing me to make such a positive difference in the lives of others.

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EveVenture is for people with diverse professional, educational, and personal backgrounds including:

  • Working parents who wish they could be home more often

  • Stay at home moms looking for ways to bring in an extra income

  • Homeschoolers seeking a way to supplement their income around school hours

  • Recent college graduates seeking clarity about what to do next

  • Hard working people who feel trapped in their current careers

  • People who dream of something more for themselves and their families.

Check us out and you just might find that EveVenture is for you, too!

"Don't wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself."— Sara Henderson