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People Like You:   Peggy, TX, Mom of 2

Before I learned about EveVenture, I was looking for a way to stay home with my children AND increase my income! Those are two things that many people thought were incompatible. My resume was filled with fine arts and education - I taught at Sam Houston State University, I was the Fine Arts Coordinator at two private Catholic schools, I had my own dance company and I taught Kindermusik. I even worked for a couple of years with an MLM and was one of their top achievers but could not get my income over $40,000 even by working full-time. I hated the work (pushy sales and parties) and felt it was frivolous! I have always wanted to do something that helped people and made a positive difference.

Now I am making a difference. . . in my family's income and for people I interact with through EveVenture. I set my own hours, work part time, have a steady check, am able to homeschool and travel. I finally have found work that fits my values, lifestyle and our family's financial needs.

EveVenture is For You

EveVenture is for people with diverse professional, educational, and personal backgrounds including:

  • Working parents who wish they could be home more often

  • Stay at home moms looking for ways to bring in an extra income

  • Homeschoolers seeking a way to supplement their income around school hours

  • Recent college graduates seeking clarity about what to do next

  • Hard working people who feel trapped in their current careers

  • People who dream of something more for themselves and their families.

Check us out and you just might find that EveVenture is for you, too!

"Don't wait for a light to appear at the end of the tunnel, stride down there and light the bloody thing yourself."— Sara Henderson