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  • My House Was Making Me Sick: Toxic Black Mold

  • 2011-05-13
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     My House Was Making Me Sick: Toxic Black Mold

    Sinusitis, Chronic Bronchitis, Elevated Blood Glucose, Hair Loss, Irritated Nerve Endings, Chronic Fatigue, High Blood Pressure…

    All symptoms of someone perhaps not taking good care of themselves.  All conditions I had, and as a diabetic already, I blamed all of my ailments on my diabetes and the medication I was using.

    Even though I am fastidious about my diet, pretty good with exercise, had no harsh or harmful chemicals in my personal care and home cleaning products,
    ( http://www.evhealthyliving.com/yourchoice) I continued to feel worse and worse.

    With the economy being what it was (and is), gas prices rising to unbelievable prices here in New England, my husband and I decided to look for a new home closer to his work. Because I work from home, it didn’t matter where we lived since the commute to my office is down the hall. (http://www.evmamas.com/yourchoice)

    We found a great place just 7 minutes from my husband’s job.  We were very excited!

    Our old was built in 1910, it had character and I loved it!  But I had always hated the musty, dank smell in our stone foundation basement.  I rarely went down there for that very reason, even though we stored a lot of things down there… tools, camping gear, bikes, etc.

    The week of our move, my husband was sorting through the things we had down there, we had decided to downsize during the moving process.  On Tuesday he asked me to join him in the basement to look at some “stuff” that was mine.  I spent roughly 20 minutes with him in the basement.

    The next day, my chest felt like it was on fire! I was coughing, sneezing and could barely function!  On Thursday, the day we were to begin loading the moving truck, my husband (who NEVER gets sick) and suffers no allergies became even more sick than I was. Neither of us ran a fever, and this did NOT feel like the flu.  So while my adult son and my husband were loading the truck I Google our symptoms… Toxic Black Mold poisoning kept coming up.  Sure enough, we found mold in our basement and on most of our belongings that were stored there. We threw away thousands of dollars of items.

    To read more about this:

     It’s now been 2 months since our move and we are feeling somewhat better.  We both still have some congestion (me more than my husband) and some fatigue.  My hair isn’t falling out anymore and my blood sugars have stabilized, thank goodness!  The nerves in my feet are far less sensitive than they have been in years.  We just started a natural detox to remove the toxins from our fat cells (that’s where black mold toxins like to “hang out”).

    If you suffer from any of the symptoms and diseases I’ve mentioned (there are PLENTY more), PLEASE… Google Toxic Black Mold Poisoning… you just might save your life! And please, have your home tested.

    Linda Salvaggio

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