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Finding My Dream Career

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Almost a decade ago, I was a stay at home mom with a young child at home. My oldest son was not quite three years old when I stumbled upon a concept that was directed at moms wanting to work from home. more

No More Corporate Layoffs

I was laid off during my maternity leave right after I had my first son. I had dreamed of being my own boss, but after experiencing that layoff, I knew for sure that I wanted to step up and finally be in control of my own hours and my own future. more

Beyond Me, To My community

After replacing my corporate income and retiring my husband, I decided to utilize EveVenture's tools and proven training system to impact non-profit organizations in my local community to reach the newly unemployed in Michigan. more

For Dads, Too

I took a four year sabbatical from the corporate world to join my wife in working from home. I experienced so many moments that most dads never see in a lifetime...from first steps to funny phrases to field trips. more

Having Fun Staying Home

I lived in Florida with my husband and had worked in corporate America for 11 years when I quit my job right after our daughter was born. I didn't want someone else raising her and seeing all of her "firsts" while I missed them! more

Securing Our Retirement

We are in our 50's and love to travel. This company is providing us the luxury of seeing the country and also planning a trip to Europe! We are not ready to just sit on the front porch in our rocking chairs and watch the world go by. more

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